Rochester NY Landscaping Services

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Whether you need hydro-seeding or retaining wall installation, call bedroc general development, llc today!


We have the equipment for customers looking to clear some land or to even out the ground for easier grass cutting and much more. Bedroc General Development in Rochester, NY can help you with any type of light excavation services. When it comes to professional excavation, give us a call today!


If your property is looking dull, give us a call today. Bedroc General Development has years of experience transforming dull and boring yards into beautiful and functional properties. From patio installation to planting the right tree we can help make your home the best looking house on the street.


Bedroc General Development offers professional hydroseeding services throughout Rochester, NY and surrounding areas. With hydroseeding the benefits are great. Grass grows faster and we can cover much more ground with this process; seeds, fertilizer, and water all mixed, then sprayed on the ground. Call us to see if hydroseeding is right for you.

Water and electric trenching

We offer trenching services that will help you get electricity and water where it is needed. Our trenching services get water to your sprinklers or electric to your outdoor lighting. We can handle any project you need or are currently working on. We help plan out the best possible locations and solutions for your trenching needs.


Mulching is needed for landscaping for at least three basic purposes, which are reductions of water loss, protection against extreme temperatures and suppressing weed growth. Mulch is very important for aesthetic purposes and keeping your garden beds healthy. Call us for all of your mulching needs.

Snow removal and salting

Planning ahead for snow removal is critical for ensuring a fast response. You can count on us for prompt, efficient snow removal and salting services. When the snow starts blanketing your property this winter, call Bedroc General Development serving Rochester, NY today for more information on snow removal and salting services. Sign-up early for this year’s season!

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